• The title of an article;

• Name and surname of the author(s);

• An institution (scholarly or other) the author(s) is representing: its title, address, telephone, email;

• Abstract should have not less than 300 typing characters. The abstract should briefly present the content of the article, identify the main issues analyzed.

• The keywords (5–8 main concepts);

• Introduction. It should address the topicality of the topic of the article, identify the purpose of the scholarly analysis, its object, applied methods and prior coverage of the issue;

• The main text of the article – the analysis of scholarly research. It is recommended to divide the text into parts and subparts (e.g. 1.2.1., 2.2.1., etc.);

• The article should be finalized with conclusions summarizing considerations or solutions – substantiated results of the research and recommendations should be provided;

• All sources referred to in the article should be provided in the list of bibliography at the end of the article. The bibliography should follow the conclusions in an alphabetical order. References in the main text should be made in footnotes, numbered consecutively in Arabic numbers, at the bottom of each page providing the bibliographic references of the cited source. It is advisable that the authors use newest scholarly sources (published in last five years) and at least five of them should be published in publications included in recognized international data bases. The bibliography and inclusion of references in the main text should be made according to these rules: “Rules on Citation and Bibliography”.

The article should be written in Microsoft Word application in Times New Roman fonts, size -12 pt. The manuscript should be single spaced on one side of an A4 list of paper, margins at least 25 mm. The article should be 8 pages (approximately 25 000 symbols). Pictures, schemes, diagrams, tables and photographs printed at the place of reference in the text. Large graphic files could be placed at the top or the bottom of a page, or at the bottom, fully stretching across the page. Pictures, schemes, diagrams, tables and photographs are numbered in an alphabetical order. Titles of pictures, schemes, diagrams, and photographs are indicated at their bottom, and titles of tables are placed at the top.